Gtx 570@ 229 usd vs gtx 660 ti@300 usd

hello all people from this, the best and most popular forum about hardware :D

i just cant decide which one of those to buy :( there is a gtx 570 deal, which cost 230 usd (zotac amp), but the gtx 660ti was just launched for 300 usd.

gtx 660ti it is around 21-25 % faster than gtx 570, and is a better price performace when compared vs gtx 570 at USUAL price, but at 230 idk is hard to decide :( specially when at 300 usd gtx 660 ti is 30% expensier, so ill be paying 30% more money for less than 30% more performance :(

thank you for your help and opinions :D
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  1. not an expert on nvidia cards but i'd wager that the 660 probably runs cooler (depending on the model of 660 you buy), uses less power and is quieter (also depending on the model of 660/570 you are comparing).
  2. My opinion is that if you want a great card for a good price get the 570. But if you want an even better card don't get the 660Ti go for the 7870. It performs a bit better and it costs less.,3279.html,3279-17.html
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  4. ty all :D

    i could see from the chart bigmack provided that the difference between gtx 570 and gtx 660ti is around 15% average (normalizing gtx 660ti as 100%), and since it is on a deal (230 usd) is a better choice. maybe higher price will be better gtx 660ti. so il grab the gtx 70 while is still at 230 :D

    ty agian
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