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Antec Twelve Hundred V3 [Quick Question]

February 24, 2013 6:52:54 AM


Just wondering if there are any owners of the Antec Twelve Hundred out there that could answer a couple questions.
I am looking to upgrade from my sad little In Win Griffin, to a real man's case! Mainly because I now have two GTX 660 Ti's, that barely fit in my poor old Griffin. And with the introduction of these beastly cards, my CPU seems to be lagging a bit behind. So now I have overclocking and a new CPU cooler on my mind.

My questions are!:

1. I've read in reviews on Newegg that the case's included fans no longer use the 4 pin Molex cables that my new PSU has tons of. I was wondering what kind of cable it has now (I'm guessing a 3 pin of some sort) And what type of adapter/splitter I should use to hook it up to my PSU? (also since there are 6 fans in this case! my mobo definitely doesn't have the ports for them it's self)

2. I'm really interested in adding a liquid cooler, and have been looking a lot at the Corsair H110, H100, and H50. But I've heard they can be difficult to fit in this case. I'd really like to have liquid cooling mostly because I plan on over clocking my CPU fairly heavily soon, and I'd like the best cooling I can get. Not to mention liquid coolers (especially Corsair's) look fantastic in any build.

Thanks for any helpful answers :)