Intel i5 3570K Or FX 8350 Or 3470 with 7970

Of the three which is better?Intel i5 3570K Or FX 8350 Or 3470 with 7970. Only Purpose is Gaming.
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  1. Pure performance the 3570k with the 7970

    Price/perf the 3470 with 7970 since the 3470 can OC to 4ghz via turbo

    the 8350 is also good price/perf but depends if you can reach a high enough OC, only then can it match the value of the 3470
  2. it depends on what games your playing. on some games the 8350 destroys all intel cpus in the i5 range. on others its pretty close, but on games where threading is needed the 8350 can stretch a lead when overclocked.
    to be honest its the only cpu in the amd range that will compete with intel in games.
    without overclocking there choice would be intel but overclocking with games like bf3 and crysis 3 the amd is the better bang for buck...
    so choose which ever leaves you the most to spend on the gfx...
    also dont go mad with the ram. amd supports 1866 nativley and the intel cpu's 1600. dont bother getting 2100+ unless you can get low latencies running em at 1866. anything more is just wasted.
  3. Of the Three which is better for gaming??
  4. Just get whichever lets you spend the most on the gfx as the person above said. And spending more on the ram is overkill imo, when you could just put that towards a better cpu or gpu, or a better mobo or something.
    I'd personally get a 8350 since I like to do a lot of multi threaded gaming (crysis 3 ftw) and a lot of video editing and rendering on the side. But bang for buck getting a cheaper i5 and then spending the extra little bit on a better gpu would probably be the best preformance.
    Its not just one is BETTER, they're good for different things.
  5. The Intel 3570k and AMD FX8350 are both very good CPUs for different reasons, personaly id go with the AMD FX 8350 as i think theres a degree of future proofing there, as i believe all new games will be more and more multi threaded, I.E. Crysis 3.

    And also in retailers here in the UK the FX8350 is the same price as the i5 3470, which means the combo you should be buying is an FX8350 with an AMD 7970.
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