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Can I install win7 on a new rig like this?

Well, a couple of questions, if I put a new mobo on an old HDD that already had a working win7 registered, I know that It will get mad at the new mobo and not work, but would it give me like 30 days or something? Because I know if I get get on the OS I can download it off the internet.

If not, can I take a USB with cracked win7 and just install like that? What buttons would I press?

Also on Dell 2320 All-In-One, suppose I took out its CPU and HDD and then only used its screen, would that work?
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    I was with you up until you mentioned a cracked copy of Win 7, so expect this thread to be locked in 3...2...1...
  2. Yea.....this thread is going to be closed pretty soon.

    Don't use cracked Windows.

    Just get the Windows from the HDD in the all-in-one and put it in there. If you have the install disc, use it. If not, borrow an install disc from a friend and use the CD Key that came with the Dell all in one.

    Then you are probably going to have to use the phone service.
  3. :P Just gonna crack it
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