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Radeon HD 7950 or Geforce 660 ti

So, I'm building my first computer and up until now I was decided on the Radeon HD 7850 because it was within my budget. However I recent made room for $60 more bucks and I'm torn between the HD 7950 and Geforce 660ti. I found them both on Newegg for about $10 apart, so it's hard for me to decide on which I could go with. So, I come here asking for opinions in which I should go with.
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  1. the GTX 660 TI is a card i can proudly say "You WON"T be disappointed with your purchase" giving high performance of a high end card at the level of a high mid range
  2. go for gtx 660 ti zmp edition
    + i u want dust free gpu a msi gtx 660 ti power edition is great one first when he spins anti clock wise for 30 sec to remove the dust on fans then it starts clocking wise its a great one and its much more power full in its class gpu
  3. Yea if your gonna get a 660 TI and wont the most out of your GPU. a power edition is best choice... BUT if you can't tack on a extra 20-30$ then get the EVGA Reference 660 TI at 299.99$ I have a reference 670 with the same basic cooler and don't have problems
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    I would say the HD 7950 would be the better card in this case, its quite a bit more powerful that a 660Ti and competes with the 670. If this question was between a 670 and the HD 7950 then I would go with the 670.,3279.html

    The HD 7950 beats the 660Ti in many games
  5. either card is fine. If I made the purchase now, I would have bought a 660ti SOLELY for borderlands 2 promo, as I would have probably bought the game anyways. imo the 7950 isnt worth it unless its under 320$ aftermarket cooler
  6. Yea a copy of borderlands 2 with any 600 series.. thats a freaking DEAL!
  7. Rockdpm said:
    Yea a copy of borderlands 2 with any 600 series.. thats a freaking DEAL!

    the gt 640 would like to speak to you
  8. Borderlands 2 is a nice bonus, but I already have it pre-ordered for 360 and I don't want to double up on it. From what I've been seeing with game performance is that both cards basically are pretty even. The 660ti outpreforms on some games and the 7950 outpreforms on some games.
  9. If your just going for gaming, the 660Ti is okay, but in benchmarks the HD 7950 beats it in most cases. But if your going to do any compute/rendering then the HD 7950 would win.

    Honestly I like Nvidia cards better but best idea is to go for the cheaper out of the two if your just gaming with it. Or even go with a cheaper one with a custom cooler on it.

    Also keep in mind that AMD's driver is still new for that card, AMD's already competing in benchmarks but after the drivers update more it will probably perform even better.
  10. dudewitbow said:
    the gt 640 would like to speak to you

    Ok correction the GTX...... GTX 600 Series.... that better lol
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