What's the best case on the market right now?

I'm building a new system and I want to know what currently is the best case for cooling and all that jazz, I only have £200 to spend on it but that's more than enough I hope, I was thinking Thermaltake Level 10 GT Full Tower, but I want to see what you guys think.

Here are my system specs if you need them.

Intel Core i7 3820
Asus P9X79 PRO
GSkill Ripjaws Z Series 1600 CL 9.0 16GB
Corsair HX1050
Nvidia Geforce GTX Titan

If you need anymore info just ask!
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  1. Starmaderp said:
    Thanks! Doesn't look at aesthetically pleasing as the Thermaltake one does but hey if its a good case I'm not too fussed on how it looks! I'll keep checking here for other suggestions though. :P

    Well the pictures dont do it justice try some of mine.

    and the latest pics with garden rad mod

  2. That's a nice setup Uther but I couldn't happen to notice something in the backround of the case pic - is that a Bren LMG ?
  3. Yes it is Sir, a 1941 British Made at Royal Enfield, Bren Mk 1.

    I also have history for it, as it saw service in the Jungles of Burma right up until 1945 with the 2nd Battalion, the Border Regiment, 20th Division in General Slim's 14th Army; the "Forgotten Army" which recaptured Burma from the Japanese in the latter years of the War.
  4. Wow, talk about a conversation piece. Is it still operational or has it been deactivated ?

    PS: Sorry to change the subject of the thread and high jack it :P
  5. Orlean said:
    Wow, talk about a conversation piece. Is it still operational or has it been deactivated ?

    No Comment.
  6. Uther39 said:
    No Comment.

    Understandable :)
  7. Uther39 said:

    Sweet lord mercy of jesus mother of god. I wants.
  8. Uther39 said:

    Honestly. I wish I knew you in real life so you could build an epic setup like that for me cause that is just... Amazing... I may be easily impressed compared to other people but wow.
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