Help needed i want to upgrade my gaming pc

Hello, i currently have an AMD fx 4100 3.6GHz,an nvidia gtx 550ti and only a 500w psu i have £300 to spend on any improvement i could make games run smoother
i have looked at the amd fx 8350 cpu but some reviews say it isnt worth it i dont really want to buy a new motherboard i would prefer to stay will amd if it is possible
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  1. What is the brand/model pf your psu?
  2. sorry i dont know
    i was wrong before the psu is actually is 450w
    why does it matter what brand it is
    sorry i am newi dont know much about computers
  3. Fx 8350 supports your mobo by bios update.i suggest get fx 6300
  4. For £300 get:
    FX 6300 around £100
    Radeon 7870 LE from £185
    You will need a better PSU unless your one is very high quality so if you need to take that out of the budget go for a 2Gb Radeon 7850 they start around £140
  5. what psu would you recommend how powerfull and is there a good make
    sorry i am new to computers
  6. Anything bu Antec, XFX, Corsair, Seasonic. Make sure it is 80 plus
  7. what power would you recommend
    thanks for the help btw
    would 650w be enough or would i have to go higher
    is the fx 6300 a big improvement on the fx4100 and is it worth it
    or should i wait until the new cpus
  8. A good 500W power supply is enough for Radeon 7850 - 7950 This is the cheapest I recommend from Aria
    But check Novatek Ebuyer Pixmania Scan dabs etc. for deals
    The 6300 is a good upgrade from a 4100 but you could get the GPU 1st and upgrade the CPU if you find it gets to 100% usage and causes lag.
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