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I'm in the process of purchasing a GTX 680 and I wanted to know if getting a 4 gb card over a 2gb card would be worth it (seeing as it might save me 100 or so dollars) the reason I ask this is because I don't play on a "normal" display I play on a 32 Samsung flat screen tv that runs at 1360 x 768 (the reason I say it's not normal is because most benchmarks that I've seen run on a 1080p monitor or better) I just wanted to know if it would be worth dishing out the extra money for it.
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  1. the extra memory only worth if you're playing on bigger resolution and maxing the graphic's quality (ultra setting, high AA, and such)
  2. As current and future video games start reaching the 2GB limit for VRAM, it depends if you want to future proof your card. BigMack70 is correct in that you may want to get if you get a multi-monitor setups. But, also very high or ultra graphic settings such as anti-aliasing, ambient occlusion, and other filter settings. This also means for any resolutions higher than 1920x1080.

    So, for that a resolution of 1360 x 768, the 2GB card will be more than enough for any games you play.
  3. A better title for this thread would be 670 4gb vs 2gb. Don't bother wasting $100 bucks on a graphics card with a 4% performance upgrade. Especially on a resolution like that where both cards will run like butter. As for the difference in VRAM, that only matters if you are playing at extreme resolutions i.e. Multiple monitors. A 2GB gtx 670 is the way to go.
  4. So between: GTX 670 4GB SUPERCLOCKED+


    GTX 680 2GB Superclocked:

    I know there both overkill for my system but I want lasting power I know tech is always getting better everyday ,but I at least want a GPU that'll last my a good 2-3 years.
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