Low FPS with Evga GTX 670 on ARMA II?


I average around 35 fps while playing Arma II singleplayer, Harvest Red mission with the sniper (if any of you play and know what I am talking about).

In DayZ mod, In the city elektro, again I average around 35 fps.

In Battlefield 3, I average around 75 fps on Ultra!

Talking to some people, a man with a 560ti is getting better fps than me, with a much cheaper card!

My CPU is the i5-3570k, coupled with 8 gigs of g.skill ddr3 1600 ram.

Can anybody help me? I would love to hit at least 55 fps MINIMUM as SEVERAL online benchmarkers recorded with Arma II and the 670.

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  1. Arma 2 is built on a very badly optimized engine full of bugs so it is useless to look for a consistency in that game (there's a reason review sites don't use it as a benchmark).
  2. what the cpu for other one and ram also gtx560 ti is nice one
  3. So there's nothing wrong with my card, and ultimately nothing I can do TO the card to fix it?
  4. nope just only update the driver i have gtx 570 and updated to 304.79 driver and my games fps improved a lot
  5. 560ti is nice, but 670 is better. Look at the price difference.
  6. may be he oc his gtx 560 ti
  7. I got the latest, 304.48 for my card. I checked via update utility in nvidia control panel. I got nothing more to update to.
  8. I oc'd mine a bit to, and it doesn't help.
  9. considering gtx 670 its not that u get 100 fps may be the guy who have gtx560 ti
    uses the different settings http://www.geforce.com/optimize/optimal-game-settings/Battlefield-3-NVIDIA-GeForce-GTX-560-Ti-OPS
  10. if you read the required OS, It does not list Windows 7 64 bit. That's what I have.
  11. What's your power supply? The game is not well optimized for PC. I can't run it on the highest it goes with my 6970.
  12. Corsair 850w
  13. Yea its just the game. There isnt anything wrong with your computer.
  14. Hm. I would like to compare with other DayZ/Arma II 670 users.
  15. Well my 6970 gets like 50 or so on high, not ultra if that helps you.
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