Had 3 beeps when i booted up the pc then removed ram and had continous

okay well i jsut bought all these parts theyre all compatible
but when i put it together i got these 3 beeps and then continous on and off booting. I remove the ram now the computer boots up fine and it stays on but it makes continous beeps. idk what i should do is the mobo messed up or the RAM sorry im kinda new to computers so please help :D
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  1. Try 1 stick of RAM at a time and see if you have any luck. More than likely is that you have 1 bad RAM stick, but it could also be a bad RAM slot or 2. You might need to try other slots too, to see if you more than 1 RAM slot bad. Might want to check what voltage your RAM is supposed to run at (DDR3 is 1.5v).
  2. it is 1.5 i got so scared when i thought it was my mobo or power supply i was about to freak yo >.> waited 2 weeks for this now that its ram thats easily replaced if anything wrong :D
  3. conclusion 1 slot in the mobo is messed up :L
  4. Well you can RMA the mobo since it's still under warranty.
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