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I have set up a shopping list for all the components i will need to build my first gaming computer, and i wanted to check that these are all compatible and good enough to be a high-end gaming rig.
System specs:

Cooler master storm trooper case

Corsair 850w power supply

16gb gskill ripjaws ram

ASUS rampage IV formula motherboard

2 120mm front fans, 1 140mm rear fan, 1 200mm top fan

Intel i5-3570k processor

Galaxy geforce GTX 680 4gb

ASUS 24x DVD burner

128gb ocz vertex ssd

I don't plan on doing any overclocking, but i don't know if the stock fans are enough or if i should get extra. There are 2 120mm slots on the top and bottom, so if i need them i can install them.
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  1. Get 8GB, a 650w PSU, and a 670.
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    The stock fans would be fine if you're not OCing. CM cases tend to be great at cooling.
    I hope that's the Vertex 4.
    +1 on the 670. The 680 is a very overpriced card, it performs relatively close to the 670.
    +1 on the 8gb of RAM as well. You don't need 16 for gaming, 8gb is actually plenty already.
    500-550w PSU if you're using only 1 GPU. 650w if you're planning to add another in the future.
  3. You were right about the 670(i'm not paying $100 more for a meager 5.5% performance increase!), but are you sure that 650w is enough? One of my friends said that it could use 850w, is that true?
  4. Alright, thanks for the help!
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  6. Yes, and your friend doesn't know what he's talking about.
    The only GPU that would need 850w when 2-way Crossfired is the 7970 GHz Edition.
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