Monitor not recognized/Generic Non-PNP monitor

I bought a MSI Cyclone GTX460 OC 1 GB. The thing is, it didn't come with a DVI-VGA adapter, so I bought a separate one. The problem is, my monitor isn't being recognized. Before that, I was using Intel HD2000 (and before that, NVIDIA 9600GT 3 months ago), and it recognized it just fine as ViewSonic VA1616w.

But now, somehow, my native resolution shows 1024x768 and is standard 4:3 which I can't change and in "Change Resolution", it shows my LCD as 'Generic Non-pnp Monitor'. I'm sure it's NOT the card. I tried the drivers that came with it and I could change res to 1366x768 but it said "Out of Range". Then I uninstalled the drivers and downloaded the latest ones, now I could choose even more resolutions and I could use the 1366x768 res, BUT it changed to a stretched out 1366x768.

Here's an interesting thing, I googled and did something a dude told i.e pull out the plug of the monitor while the PC is on, it worked a little! The icons are there where they should be, but it feels weird, like the tray icons are a little blurred out, not what it should be. Because I know, when I had my 9600GT, the icons became SHARP! When I sold the card, the icons 'blurred' a tiny bit. It's kinda worse right now. I want them to be sharp like my 9600GT.

And my monitor still shows as Generic non-pnp monitor. Is it the DVI-VGI adaptor? I read the monitor's instructions, it said that if the monitor was not being recognized, or it was written 'GENERIC PNP MONITOR', not it says PNP, not non-pnp. But I tried installing the drivers anyway and all it said was my 'generic non-pnp monitor's driver were up to date' :/

I've found many helpful answers from this community, so I thought you could help. Any help will be appreciated!

Core i3-2100 3.2 GHz
2 GB DDR3 (I'll get more later)
MSI Cyclone GTX460 OC 1 GB
Cooler Master Extreme Power Plus 600W (38A on 12V rail)
Monitor: ViewSonic VA1616w
Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
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  1. have u properly install the gpu that contain 6 pin pcie connector to power supply make sure it have to be connected
  2. Why yes, yes I did. The games with settings which can change aspect ration work like a charm!

    I 'seem' to have made progress. I went into device manager, update the driver through the list, I was actually surprised to find my monitor there, but mind that it was hidden because they were 'incompatible hardware'. Now in the device manager, it shows not Generic Non-PNP monitor, but ViewSonic VA1616w as it should.

    BUT in 'Change screen resolution', now it shows "Display Device on: VGA) and the blurriness is still there.
  3. ahh probably u change the nvidia control panel set it let the 3d application
  4. Na, it has always been Let the 3D application decide. Do you think it could be the DVI-VGA converter? Because it's a simple generic one, not manufactured by a big company. Do you think if I buy a DVI-VGA cable instead, it would work?
  5. format the pc install the new driver i suggest 304.79 latest driver
  6. I don't think formatting will help, but I have the 304.73 installed.
  7. ok first of all pull back the gtx 460 from mobo then connect it into mobo vga slot then
    uninstall the whole nvidia driver and delete i t from directory also windows directory nvidia folder delete it then restart the pc and install gtx 460 install new 304.79 drivers
  8. I guess I fixed, not the official solution, but I did the EDID overriding thing. Of course, the monitor isn't recognized yet but it works! :3
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