New gaming pc lags alot and crashed and gave me an error messige HELP!

ok so heres my system i brought from ebay from a 100% feedback seller seemed a great deal,,,
AMD fx8120
16gb kingston 1.5v 1333mhz (x4-4gb)
asus HD6870 (EAH6870)
2tb sata 3 hdd
500w corextreme psu
gaming case with about 5-6 leds stips and aboutt 4 88-120mm fans (FULL SET UP HERE) - ebay

this pc was suppost to have a fx 6100 and a hd7750 as i upgraded and on ebay seller page he states we will use branded products and we install a 700wat quality psu , well my pc gets here and its only got a 500w psu .... i email him and he said its got better power suply than the 700w he said we either use a corextreme or a storm 700w psu in thease systems,,,,i upgraded to a 6870 as it said on the seller page 700watt quality psu and 6870 reccomends a 600watt psu same with the fx8120 as i thort would be enoth power- i would have liked to have known what i would be getting before i pay for it

pc came with no os i install windows 7 - 64 bit home , i use mobo+ati disks update the drivers then all working well on desctop and wile watching a movie online i dl a few games diablo 3 , world of warcraft and the free nexiuz that came with the gpu(free game from steam) and it wouldent work this is me on wow at low settings VID OF WOW ON LOW SETTINGS i then downloaded an ati program that downloads all the latest drivers , i installed them , then i restarted the computer and wow played great i played a few mins and then tryed some other games all worked great i turned off the games , i then went on firefox watched a vid on youtube told my mates on mesenger got it fixed i restart up wow and its back its lagging like hell :(

i tried bearing thru it i played about 10-15 mins hoping it would stop and then it kept switching display modes from 800x600(i think) to 1360x768 and kept repating then just froze waited 10 mins nothing so i had to turn of at power suply then when i turned it back on this is what i got (ERROR HERE) i continued to desctop[ and an error came up , no asus graphics card detected , i tryed to use a program that came with the 6870 smartdoctor and wouldent load i think ti say no asus gfx or no graphics card , so i then downloaded a program called gpu-z and it loaded all had numbers like 153gb/s i look down and the shaders are left blank , pretty sure they shouldent be as i tryed it on my lappy and section was filled

after reading up the hd 6870 says minimum 500w and recomended 600wat psu , and further reading under max load the fx8120 need 164 watts 6870 needs 254 watts , thats 400wats there then the case has loads of leds and fans , also ram+mobo+hdd+usb devices

i think the gpu +cpu is trying to draw power what isnt there , like it goes to full power the power isnt enoth so it resets , might be why it only lags mostly when i try turning with a char as to render the bk ground it draws more power the power isnt there so it resets

will phone up the place i got it from tomoro when its open as i only got the pc this thursday ,as i was suppost to get a 700wat quality psu il have a moan about that aswell lol atm i am installing win7 again and the mobo+ati drivers see if it sorts it out ,

sorry for long post . any help apreciated
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  1. Hello

    The OCZ CoreXtreme PSU (500W) really isn't a great unit, a high quality 500W may be able to power your system but I would not be happy with the PSU sold with your system.
    The error message says that the PSU is unstable so thats your problem, the GPU may have been damaged by the PSU, hence the strange read-outs in GPU-Z

    Send the PC back for a refund if you can.
  2. I agree just return it. But if you want to get to the bottom of the problem you could download OCCT which has a CPU & a GPU test if both of these cause the system to crash its most likely a power supply problem.
  3. Well I would return it, since it seems like you got ripped off by whoever you bought it from. I hope you didnt pay more than like $800 for that computer. That PSU is probably not enough to power that card. A good 500W would do the job, like the CX500, but that OCZ one is not of the greatest power supplies.

    Sounds like the person who built it had no idea what he was doing.
  4. If your going to buy a PC DON'T BUY IT FROM eBay!

    Only buy the parts from eBay as there are a lot of scams around these days i recommend you send it back for a refund and build your own because it will be cheaper, faster, and you know you wont get ripped off!
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