Phenom II X4 965 or Vishera 4300?

Which one is better on a budget pc? My gpu will be a

playing minecraft, skryrim, crysis.
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  1. also, If I oc, which is better on this mobo
  2. For just a little more, I highly recommend the FX-6300. It offers superior performance and is a lot better for overclocking than the Phenom, which has a relatively low OC ceiling. With the right cooling equipment, it's pretty easy to get to 5 GHZ on the FX Series CPUs. So The 4300 is better than the Phenom, but the 6300 is better than the 4300.
  3. Use the extra 10$ on an AMD FX 6300. It's better than the FX 4300 in multi-threaded apps due to one more module, 1 module consists of 2 cores.

    The Phenom is simply out of the picture, it has a high power consumption and uses an old architecure. The new architecture means better performance clock per clock, which the vishera series use.
  4. I don't have the money to get a fx6300. I pushed my money to a 4300, and I can't go farther. I'm gonna use a 212 cooler.
  5. 6300 + a £15 Arctic Freezer 7 is probably a better option than the 4300 + CM Hyper 212. They are both silent, and you will be able to OC further with the 212, but the extra clock speeds won't make up for the performance gap. It would be close anyway, you won't get as far on a 212 as you think.
  6. I'm not overclocking super high, just like a decent 4.3ghz
  7. Then go for the 6300 and a cheaper cooler like the Hyper TX3, Freezer 7 Rev.2 or Freezer 13. It's ultimately up to you, but that's what I recommend.
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