Monitor boots OK then goes to power save mode

My custom built computer has been working fine for roughly a year and a half but a couple of days ago the monitor would go into power save mode after the windows logo. I tried my tv which said no signal. I uninstalled and reinstalled nvidia drivers countless times but the issue is still there. After i uninstall the drivers the computer boots fine for the first time then the same thing happens.I have done a clean install of nvidia. Safe mode works fine as im writing this from it.

Also ive tried to:

Remove the motherboard battery

Change the graphics card socket on the motherboard

I cleaned the graphics card

Also i went out and got a new graphics card still the same issue after the drivers are installed powersave comes on

I changed all the powersave options to never in the control pannel

If the graphics card is disabled through device manager the computer boots fine

My specs are:
AMD phenom II X4 945 processor 3.01GHz

4gb ram

64 bit windows ultimate

Nvidia geforce gt 240 graphics card

700W Power supply

Dell E193FP Monitor which i have for years and it has caused no problems

The replacement card i got is nvidia geforce g t620

Thanks in advance
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  1. could be two issues. if there onboard video port it may be set as the first device in the bios. check to se if you have a first video device in the bios. the second issue is that someone set the video setting so high that the monitor and tv cant handle the video rez so it gives you that sleep message. or the video cable or adaptor your using went bad. if it the video rez hit f8 safe mode and set it in windows to 640 by 480 and then reboot. if nothing happens or still blacks out..go back in use msconfig and turn everything off in start up and uninstall your anti virus. it could be a damaged program in start up or a damaged anti virus or you loaded two of them. one thing i would do in safe mode make sure you install the newest chipset drivers for your mb. they controler the video card. if they get damaged or out of date weird things can happen.
  2. I tried all of your suggestions but none of them worked also after the windows logo i can hear the boot up sound and i can log in and try to blindly shut down or restart
  3. hi a5gokas

    did you manage to find any solution for your problem?

    I too had recently encounter the same problem with Nvidia 9600GT and Dell u2410 combo, had to disabled the display adapter in device manager to boot up properly in W7 Ult x64.

    check reliability report history and only MSE update was installed prior to this problem, no other windows update or software installation.
  4. I solved my problem by formatting my hard drive and reinstalling windows as it was the only thing that i could think of. Now after the installation everything works fine and hopefully stays that way.
  5. Thanks a5gokas.

    Anyway I manage to solve the problem for now....finger crossed..

    I notice that Monitor was missing in Device Manager so I google around and changing the display driver to Standard VGA manage to get the Monitor back in Device Manager.

    Update to the latest driver for the monitor, and update Nvidia graphics driver and restarted. Everything seems to work after that....hopefully stay that way too.
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