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Please help me choose a case

Well i've spent countless hours researching cases and i just cant decide on one so i think the best thing for me to do is let someone else decide for me.

My build:

intel core i7 2700k
radeon 7970 vapor-x
16gb corsair vengance
Corsair builder series 600w
Corsair H60

My i7 is overclocked to 4.2ghz and i plan on overclocking the 7970 when it arrives so a case with good airflow is a must.

I may change the cpu cooler to a NH-D14 at some stage.

Ideally id like a case that supports a front intake, a side intake to cool my 7970, a rear exhaust and a top exhaust. The more fans supported the better really.

My budget is £50 - £100 and im not too bothered about aesthetics as long as its not "fugly".

Cable management is also important as i dont want loads of cables getting in the way of airflow.

Initially i was set on the corsair 400r case but i've since been looking at the following cases:

antec 302
antec 1100
haf 912
haf 922
cooler master 690 II
Zalman Z11 Plus
Zalman Z12 Plus
Lancool K62

I was really interested in the Rosewill Thor V2 case but couldnt find anywhere selling it in the UK.

What would you go with considering the above requirements ?
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  1. I read that the air flow wasnt that great on the corsair 300r/400r/500r Would the 300r be okay with overclocking ?
  2. Carbide 500R or one of the cheaper Obsidians like the 550D which is exactly your 150 US dollar budget.

    THe 550D is silence optimized and has dual front intake fans(though you may want to replace them with AF120 or Cougar Vortex because they're kinda crappy).

    Also don't cheap on a power supply, a TX650 is the LEAST I'd reccomend. CX series are rebranded CWT OEMs and use cruddy components(I used a CX750 and it shrieked and grinded to no end, I got a TX750 and it's been silent ever since)
  3. Corsair 500r is at the top end of my budget at £95 but the 550D at £115 is just out of reach unfortunately.

    I must admit i like all the corsair 300r/400r/500r, there simple looking and easy to build with. Though i like to see value over other things so 300r would probably by limit in the corsair series as i really dont see a whole lot of things added to the 400r/500r at least none that i would benefit from. Theres that and the fact that reviews show other cases outperforming on the airflow and some state that the build quality isnt that great.

    How does the antec 302 compare to the corsairs ? It only comes with a rear and top fan but supports optional 2 x front and 1 x side. Reviews seem to favour the 302 on build quality but with only 2 fans its not topping the performance charts. I was wondering if adding the extra fans would make it the overall winner of build quality and air flow.

    Here in the UK i can get the corsair 300r for £59.99 and the antec 302 is around £70 so the 300r is the best value but either case will need the extra fans adding.
  4. I've even been looking at the bitfenix shinobi
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    i got an antec 300 i picked up for £40

    got 2*120mm intake fans on the front bringing air in over hdd's

    then a top 140mm and a rear 120mm exhaust fan

    (there is a slot in side for an extra fan but i think thats overkill)
  6. Shanky what sort of temps do you get with the antec 300 with your setup ?

    Also, i've just realised i can get the antec 302 for £59.99 which puts it at the same price as the corsair 300r.
  7. After some serious thought i have decided to go with the antec 302 as its cheap with high build quality and great all round features not to mention the cooling performance. Hopefully its a purchase i wont regret, many seem to favour antec over corsair anyway so im almost certain i've made the right decision. Reviews show it topping the charts with the 2 stock fans so id imagine if i add 2 further fans to the front its going to be immense. The side fan may be a little overkill but its there so i figure i'll put it to use too.

    What fans would be recommended for the front and side ?
  8. How would these fans fair ?

    antec twocool -
    cooler master -

    I'm thinking of ordering two fans and sticking one in the front and another in the side. Id then switch out the stock rear fan with my H60 and place the stock fan in the front as an intake.

    So id end up with the following setup:

    2 x front intake
    1 x side intake
    1 x rear exhaust (h60)
    1 x top exhaust
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