Running SLI on GTS 450 with GF116 chip...

Hey I've been looking around wanting to get a second GTS 450 to run in SLI with my Evga GTS 450 but I have a GF116 chip and most GTS450s are using GF106 chips. Do you think I'll have problems finding one? I just put a bid on ebay on the same card with the same model number.

Do you think I'll have problems finding the same chip? The only thing I can really do is buy it and if it isn't the same chip just resell the item (I don't feel comfortable trying to get a refund from the seller hehe).

Anybody got any ideas? :(
Will I have problems running SLI if it is a GF106 chip?
Will it even run in SLI with a 550? I'm guessing not since it's had a few pipelines cut off and has a completely different bios.

I'm just going to take the plunge and hopefully I get lucky... the card I'm going to buy is the SC version and it's originally clocked at 883mhz and I'm guessing they used the better cards for the higher models (which will more likely be a GF116?). My current card got upto 920mhz and is also the SC version (with a GF116).

Thanks in advance! :D.
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    My advice: Sell your GTS450 and replace it with a single stronger card.

    SLI with low power cards may look great in benchmarks, but leave you with microstuttering issues. Read this:,2995.html
  2. Agreed with geofelt, replacing that GTS 450 is better than trying SLI with it. Also, I don't think that it can SLI with a GTX 550 TI.
  3. Is microstuttering actually a big problem? I've never heard much about it with people who talking about SLI and crossfire configs.

    Although I must admit, I've had my eye on the GTX 660 for a while now. the only problem is it's £250 (almost $400) at the moment. I'm not too sure what to do, either I wait till the prices drop or see what the next gen will bring and hopefully the release (if they are released anyway) of the next gen consoles may give a boost to price/performance on PC GPUs.

    I'm pretty sure I can live with my GTS 450 for the meantime, Damn I even averaged 120fps on max payne 3 @ 1080p (Max graphics settings, but no Anti-aliasing).
  4. I can't recommend a GTX 660 TI. The 7870 and the 7950 are generally better cards, especially with CPUs that aren't a SB/IB CPU at over 4.4GHz or so and when you use high AA, tessellation, DirectC/OpenCL game features, and the 660 TI has poor minimum frame rates in many games in addition to poor overclocking performance. It's basically a GTX 670 with the memory bus cut by 25% and this hinders it greatly in many features of modern games because it simply lacks memory sufficient bandwidth.
  5. here is my CPU-Z

    Will the micro-stutter be a big problem? I saw a video of Crysis 2 on 2x GTS 450s in SLI and there wasn't really any stutter... although I also saw 2x Mars II GPUs (costing $1500 each? in the past anyway) running quad SLI on battlefeild 3 and the stutter looked horrifying (I'd personally suspect hardware/software problems). I am very sensative to stutter so It would be a problem for me. If that's right I'll probably wait, As I said the GTS 450 will probably be fine for me until next gen games are released.

    GPU's will only get better.

    Anybody know where I can find frame variations stats for GPUs in SLI? mainly the GTS 450?
  6. Tom's did such a test with some GTX 500 cards. I don't know where you could find them for a GTS 450, but I'd expect them to be poor.
  7. Hmm, nevermind. my computer just commited suicide XD.

    this is the second time this has happend, I suspect I have defective PSU. but my motherboard is most probably dead (which is what went before). I think I saw a spark around the PSU area after I switched it off on the rear switch (after the computer went off of course).
  8. I'm going to open a thread on it but it's a Corsair TX 650 PSU :/
  9. Hmm, the TX650 shouldnt have broken, it must've been something else.
  10. SLIing 2 lower end cards is a no-no. You never get what you bargain for performance wise. It is far better to buy 1 faster card.
  11. Deemo13 said:
    Hmm, the TX650 shouldnt have broken, it must've been something else.

    Well It's the 2nd dead motherboard I've had using it and I'm sure corsair have a few faulty power supplys hanging about, anyway check out my thread I've left a link on here to it and it contains extra details on there and possible secondary causes what I suspect could factor in. Thanks.
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