AMD Phenom Stuck at 800MHz?

Hey guys,

I recently installed a 6850, and its not running games well. I looked into the problem, and its not the card. My processor is an AMD Phenom 1045t with 6 cores. These are supposed to run at 2.7ghz a core, but dxdiag says only 800MHz. I thought this was the cool n quiet mode, but its not. I used Prime 95 to stress them, and I was looking at CPU-Z while the test was in progress. After about 30 mins of testing, all of my cores did not exceed 800.05MHz.

Any ideas on what the problem is?

My motherboard is a BIOSTAR A780L3C

My power supply is 650 watts, so thats not the problem.

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  1. Hey Im soooo sorry no one have posted anything but here its a compatible problem with the motherboard and cpu this has not happen to me but more so to my brother he flashed his bios look up on youtube how to fix it if you cant find anything let me know because ill be looking into it ill help you as much as i can!
  2. well most am3 boards minimum support 95watt cpus and being the 1045t being 95watt not a socket or cpu compatibility.

    Go into ur bios and set the settings for default, possibly it did something that all cores only run at 800mhz. either reset to default pull cmos battery, or manually set the clock speed to 2.7ghz.

    Checked that board supports 95watt cpus, but only the x4s are listed under cpu support. i dont see why a x6 wouldnt be compatible, maybe they dont update their site, i mean they only have one bios update for it lol
  3. Thanks guys, I manually turned it up to 2.7 ghz.
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    I been having the exact same problem and seams if I go into the bios and do a save it fixes it and I get my cpu speed back, but apon shuting down abd booting up the next day i get the 800MHZ speeds again, I am thinking this is a bios problem it self and a reflash would do good.
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