Gigabyte gtx 580 soc psu question


One quick question. I just bought a gb gtx580soc, but iam not sure if my psu would handle it fine (also the room to oc the card)

On the gigabyte site they say 750w min supply


IB i5-3450 (clocked 3.7)
psu: antec true power new 650w

thanks for the help
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  1. Well if they say 750w is the minimum I wouldn't dare to try any lower, it could fry my power supply.

    - Fastreaction
  2. Its weird that a ref gtx 580 runs perfectly fine on a 600w psu. I just cant see why a gigabyte's version would consume 100w more.

    one 6 pin + one 8pin connector cant handle more than 300w if i recall correctly. So cant see why gigabyte's sites states 750w min while other sites say 650w.
  3. Yeah but why not just take the safe way and just buy a new power supply so you can game without any worries :)

    - Fastreaction
  4. Because it would be a waste of money and i wont notice any performance increase.

    If i google: ''650w psu enough for gtx 580'' Comes out its more enough.

    I think gigabyte just wants to be sure, so people dont complain having a 600w crappy dell psu that it cant handle the card.

    But i just want some confirmation :)
  5. I would recommend you to get a power supply that meets the requirements for your card though. 650w might be sufficient for some people or brands but there is no 100% guarantee that the same rule applies to you. I wouldn't take the risk and just get a new power supply that meets the requirements. In the end it is up to you if you want to take any risk or not.

    Edit: 650W does seem okay imo but I just would meet the requirements to be sure.

    - Fastreaction
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