A $5 case chinese??

My long time best friend likes to buy things cheap from chinese vendors all the time, most are replicas. I like to support local economy but everytime I buy a computer component it's made in China, Taiwan, Indonesia, etc. So either way I'm supporting their economy and then we buy all that stuff overpriced.

But back to the question, what are your thoughts on this case and the price?
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  1. That case looks pretty good, but I really doubt what it comes with. I think it comes with one front intake fan, but it might come with none for the price. Looks nice for $5 but you'll never know unless you own one.
  2. Thats awfully cheap.. And that case kind of looks familiar. I may have seen the real one in the course of digging through newegg.. Maybe someone else will recognize it faster..
  3. Wow looks awesome.. but for $5? sure its not a scam?

    Would be more realistic if the case was $30 + shipping


    DON'T BUY!! Its a scam!!!

  4. Honestly I would avoid giving that site any credit card info. I am seeing coats that sell here for like $70 on there for like $4..

    But that case.. it really does look familiar...
  5. My best friend has bought some things for that site. They take more time than usual to arrive but they do arrive.
  6. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20110804132213AAiAh2m
    I wouldn't trust them.

    Also found out that most of the items there are "fake" versions of brand name stuff.
  7. songorocosongo said:
    My best friend has bought some things for that site. They take more time than usual to arrive but they do arrive.

    It seems like a hit or miss on that site. You are not actually buying items from aliexpress, you are buying from 3rd party merchants. It's kind of like ebay. Im sure many of the merchants on the site are honest , but a lot of them seem to be scammers as well. A $5 case just looks sketchy. The metal used to make the case would cost that much. When you factor in the factory, the labor, and the shipping, the cost would far exceed $5. If you do take a chance and buy the case anyways, use a prepaid debit card or a virtual credit card so they can't steal more than just $5 from you.
  8. This is the factory that manufactures those cases:

  9. Yeah it's exactly that, a hit or miss. And that supplier has no feedback so I won't buy it. Not that I need anyway cuz my case is pretty good. Thanks for you answers.
  10. TheN00bBuilder said:
    60 days processing? TROLOLOL. Heck, it does look cool. I'll try and get one.

    Beware, it's at your own risk. The seller has no feedback
  11. its going to be bogus.

    $5 inc shipping to the uk.

    it costs more than that for special delivery under 5kg in uk.

    rubbish i say
  12. My friend told me he bought like 20 items from that same seller. So if the process goes perfectly fine or not I will notify here immediately. It may take around a month though
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