New graphic card makes Waiting Icon Shaking

i know the title is weird but i recently got ATi 7770 GHZ Vapor-X :sol: and i was jumping from happines! :D so when i returned home and plugged my DVI cable to the graphic card and started pc..everything runs smoothly! :D :D but the weird thing i noticed when i was overclocking my CPU and waiting...The Aero Mouse waiting icon seems shaking :ouch: i thought at first i was having some kind of eye seizure or something but after many many times i found small waiting icon shakes while large and XLarge does not? :heink: even in games like sims and other..Their Waiting Icon shakes too AND ONLY WAITING or Loading icon! i was seriously mad of how the whole icons run fine except the waiting icon :fou:,with my old onboard vga ATi 3200 i had no problems so far with shaking mouse icon but after getting the new vga,this happened so please any help? :(

EDIT:i got the latest Catalyst 12.6
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  1. lower down your overclock and see what happens
  2. Same,i even tried downclocking but still problem persists! so this is definitely the VGA although it works with no problems D:

    Update:went to device manager and disabled the VGA and tried..Busy Cursor no longer shakes! so it is VGA's problem!

    UPDATE 2:My LCD monitor is SyncMaster's very very old 19inch LCD that it's even removed from Samsung Website xD
  3. see if your system meet all the requirements for this card,i would also suggest to try her in another system and if you could try another monitor connect to that card
  4. i am afraid i can't :( my Dad still has an AGP slot :na: but i don't really know yet if this is a problem in my Monitor or VGA itself as i disable it and return to the Onboard vga,cursor doesn't flicker but i sense it's a problem in my old Monitor
  5. try to connect your dad monitor on your system with the ati 7770 with your monitor cable then use your dad monitor cable
  6. Scout_03..I HAVE NO OTHER SOLUTIONS..Dad has a Very Old CRT monitor and from what i guess it is no longer supported by my motherboard
  7. does not mather how old is the crt as long you could plug it in your system the graphic card would handle it and your os will use the generic driver for
  8. err i would like to skip that it's much much hard for me to try it even as i would have to do alot of things just to transfer my CRT monitor from the other house xD
  9. do you have a tv monitor that you could plug your system to will do the same for the test
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