Coolmaster 361 case with normal psu?


I have a corsair cx 500w psu and ordered the coolmaster 361 case (meant to arrive in next few days) and all the correct components to build a pc.

I didn't think about the psu not been able to fit in it, but last night checked the dimensions of both and they are both 150mm wide. Will it squeeze in, I have seen people on ebuyer do a list of there pc parts and they have the case with other psu's that are 150mm so I'm guessing they managed?

Just want to know if anyone has the case and weather theres room for the Corsair CX 500w PSU?

Any help greatly appreciated
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  1. I'm actually confused as to where the power supply goes.
  2. just looked at it again and so am I theres no spot at the bottom. Was a bit of a rush buy, but thought coolmaster are ok and it looked alright.

    hmm might have to send it back and get the silencio 550 instead
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