AMD FX8350 vs gtx660

Which would benefit my system more (in terms of frame rates in games)

gtx 660:

or fx 8350:

My current specifications are :
FX6100 --- amd radeon hd 6870

The one I choose would also have to work with a 500 w psu.
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  2. I would probably overclock the FX 6100 if you have not and get the 660.

    8350 is not worth it over a 6100 IMO esp. if you overclock the heck out of the 6100.
  3. Yeah, the FX-8350 is not worth buying for a gaming system IMO unless you hate Intel, but want the best that you can get regardless of price. There is an argument to be made for the FX-6300, but at that point, it's getting very close to the cheaper i5s in price. If you want more CPU performance, then go for a Radeon 7850 for graphics and get a cheap after-market CPU cooler such as a Zalman Optima or a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus or Evo.
  4. for gaming, get the graphics card
  5. buying 8350 wont make much difference. fx 6100 is fine. overclock it with a descent cooler to about 4.5GHz, and get a 660. Dont get an amd card coz u r putting a considerable amount of money but still u wont get Physx. See borderlands 2 with and without physx, see arkham city and of course crysis 3! AMD supports physx but CPU has to do all the work,. SO, go for gtx 660 , and fx 6100 is fine :D
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