Need some extreme help regarding black screen crash

Right. The past few weeks i have randomly been experiencing black screen crashes with my Sapphire RADEON 6870

Note: The crash only occurs when watching videos (i think)

I've only had the graphics card for a few months.

These are the things i have tried to fix it.

- Reinstalling drivers (latest version)
- New PSU
- RAM test (everything past)
- Reinstalling windows
- Reinstalling the bios
- Restoring all bios settings to default
- I have also used my old nvidia GT 440 and i do not receive the black screen when using this older card

Is there any more things i can do? I am pretty sure it's down to the GPU - It is getting 550W of power (80+ certified XFX)

If i need a replacement card how would i go about replacing it? I bought it from amazon but i'm not able to send back something bought over 30 days?

Thanks guys for reading i hope you can help!
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