GeForce 8400 GS or GeForce 210?

Hi i have a very low budget..i am getting NVIDIA GeForce 210 1 GB DDR3 in $35 and NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS 1 GB DDR3 in $32

Please tell me which is better.Please dnt say that they are crap..I have already told i have poor budget.I want to play the latest games in low profile.


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  1. I have the Geforce 8400GS and you dont want to get this card! Not just because its a poor performer but its 4 year old technology.
    The GT 210 is a little better and newer. You could get that.
    Kind suggestion though. If you could stretch a little you should try getting GT 520.
    It is around 3500-4000 Rs. (Your name seems to be Indian)
    Or go for any card from AMD at the same price point (Sorry cannot tell which specifically)
  2. Neither, non are good for games unless very low spec or old games. If only for basic and general use like playing videos, listing to music, and web browsing then any will do just fine.

    As for current gaming then you are out of luck, expect mostly 800x600 with low settings. Worse 640x480 if it chokes to badly. Look in the used parts market for GT220, GT240 or a used GT430 on the cheap. Might have to save for a little longer to improve your options.
  3. @amgamer29

    Yes bro I am from India.You are right.Thanks for your suggestion i will look if i can manage to get GT 520..


    Thanks bro for suggestion.But i dont want to go for used card.I thought i will be able to play the games like spec ops the line with lowest settings with above gfx cards

    My PC has AMD ATHLON 64X2 Dual Core 2.1 Ghz Processor and 2 GB Ram with regular psu

    I also have one new graphic card HD 5450 but i am not liking it..I have overclocked it also and It gets hot too much.The temperature goes to 70 Celsius.I have proper ventilation in Cabinet.

    I visted market but didn't find a fan which i can plug on my card manually as shown in some youtube videos.

    CAn you please tell me what is the diameter of graphic card fan.In India it is very difficult for me to shop online s there are few stores and they do not provide such items :( :(
  4. if you dont like the 5450, you are going to hate the other to
  5. 70c on an oc card ain't bad at all.
  6. its hard to recommend something on very low budget, because even the AMD Llano integrated graphics plays better than the 2 cards in question.
  7. How much money can you spend ?
  8. Just buy a cheap 40mm fan and some screws to mount, that will bring the temps down into the 50s and 60s. Works well on these smaller cards and doesn't add hardly any noise. No need to spend what you don't have for something less than what you already own. Find any old socket 7, 370, or socket a cooler and remove the fan and screws from it. Make sure there is a three pin fan header with in distance of the card and it is very easy to mount the fan. Should cost you hardly anything at all. Even drop by a local recycle and pay a few cents if even that much.

    By the way you want to go to the local market and buy up rice. The crops here in the sates and Europe failed so food prices are on the rise.
  9. dudewitbow said:
    its hard to recommend something on very low budget, because even the AMD Llano integrated graphics plays better than the 2 cards in question.

    He would have to aim for at least an A6 because that 5450 isn't that weak compared to the A4. I got A8 3530MX laptop.
  10. Make sure you dont have something obstructing the normal case airflow.

    Like something covering the air vent in the front or throwing air to the back of the case.
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