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Well after forking out a expensive £1300 on my new computer build it had a major problem once it was built but after a week of hard work i finally fixed it. But since then my new build has been working amazingly for a good 2-3 weeks solid, but today when i woke up i booted up my computer to find the "start windows normally / start in repair mode" i chose normally as i suspected it's nothing, but it put me into repair mode anyways i let it look for problems and nothing was found after restarting my computer numerous times nothing was found and the computer wouldn't boot.

When i choose "boot normally" it starts forming the windows logo and the after 2 seconds it loads up repair mode and wont start-up. I've tried everything i can think of! Please help as i will highly appreciate it!

i have tried making a clean install of the whole computer and reinstalling windows 7 but the cd-rom wont load, if made the cd-rom priority the highest and nothing happens, iv tried restoring the computer but nothing happens and when i try to restore from a far older point it doesn't allow me to as i get an error message.

Please post any suggestions as i'm far beyond annoyed right now and don't have any more ideas im even tempted to waste my money calling in a computer specialist.
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  1. Also forgot to mention, i can't get it to boot into safe mode there is no option and iv tried many different things to try to get the computer to boot into safe mode. If i remember the error message is something like 0x800700b07 something like that
  2. Assume you can access BIOS if you chose CD EOM as 1st device. Is yor hard drive recognized in the BIOS.

    Also, would you post your specs for us.
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