Recommendation needed - a build that will fit an hd 7850 GPU

Hi. My friend has a Sapphire Radeon HD 7850 1GB graphics card and he wants to buy a computer that will fit that graphics card. (He will buy a whole computer without a graphics card and put the card into it)
Can you guys recommend a build that will fit? (Please include everything, from the CPU to the PSU and everything)
Thanks in advance.
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  1. Budget?

    Could throw in a i7 3960x and gtx titan lol but thats 2000$ in just the two parts lol

    A good budget build, id say a fx 6300, gigabyte 970a ud3, corsair tx 650, gskill sniper 2x4gb (8gb total) 2133 Mhz (newegg has for $55), WD Blue 1tb hdd, Mushkin Enhanced Chronos 120gb ssd = totaling $600 with sdd and no case, choose it lol or minus ssd $480 no case
  2. The computer's purpose is gaming. My friend already has a Radeon hd 7850 graphics card, and he needs a cpu that will be balanced with that graphics card (will not bottleneck the graphics card and will not be bottlenecked by the graphics card - as close it can be to that balance). Other parts should match these componenets (the psu , mobo and inc).
    Thanks in advance.
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