Far Cry 3- Eight threaded?

I'm running an FX-8320 @ 4.0 Ghz, and while playing FC3 i looked at my CPU usage chart, and it showed cores 1-7 25-40% usage, and core 8 50% usage.

Does Far Cry 3 actually use a little bit of each core?
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  1. People play farcry 3 on ultra 4 core processers like the i5 3570K and phenom 965. farcry 3 doesn't need 8 cores
    about the thing about the usage of all cores I don't know, sorry bout that /:
  2. Background programs, and prob each core takes the processing from another core for better utilization from the game as in whatever lets say core 3 is doing gets put to be done on core 5 or something along them lines is what im guessing cause its like not like 4 core are fully are going to be used and the other 4 left near 0% lol
  3. Actually, Far Cry 3 is known to scale well across eight threads IIRC. BF3 MP and Crysis 3 are also good about scaling. It's not rare with some of the newest DX11 games.
  4. farcry2 was the same way.
  5. It does scale with more cores but you wouldn't see any major differences between a quad-core and an eight-core unless you're using enthusiast builds in which case you probably have a six-core at least. The fx-8350 is probably just as good for FC3 as the 3570k if not worse due to the lack of PCIe 3.0(which is also one of those differences that won't make a difference yet).
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