PSU - Top or Bottom Mount?


Having discovered my case has to have the psu mounted at the top I just wondered if there are any differences?

I mean pc cases with PSU's mounted on the bottom with the air vent on bottom of the case surely can't get much air in especially if stood on carpet as the feet on cases are never that big.

What does everyone recommend, i am building a pc and just wonder weather i should get a case that I can mount my psu to the bottom or stick with the top mounted case?

I want to have my PC on though 24/7 so need it to run cool.

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  1. I'm guessing with top mounted you also point the fan to the outside of the case like you do at the bottom or do you have to have it pointed in?
  2. Bottom-mounted cases usually have the case designed to account for PSUs needing more air from what I've seen. Bottom-mounted is generally considered to be superior AFAIK, but it's really dependent on the situation.
  3. Theres no major advantage to mounting it top or bottom for air flow just personally prefernce I'd rather have it on bottom easier to install/unistall it.
  4. ok thanks guys for feedback.

    Also the case i am getting (coolmaster 361) has an open slot where you usually put the motherboard but its right at the top where the psu will go why is this?

    and what is the open slot for, I remember reading its something to do with mounting the cpu is that correct?

    Thanks again
  5. I usually prefer bottom mounted PSUs for physical stability. Cases with top mounted PSUs are likely to topple over
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