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Ive been looking around the forums for possible answers to my troubles. Ive got a copuple ideas were to start but looks like I got most of them covered. Here is my 3d mark score:


Comes in under 4000 with dual 7870s :pfff: . Now I know something must be up because I dont notice that much of a difference from my preivous 5770's performance.

My system is currently:

Amd 1090t stock clock of 3.2ghz
16gb of corsair memory
2x 7870's
Asus M5A97 with updated bios as of 4/12
ATI beta drivers 12.7

Now Ive just got into getting a highish end rig. The catalyst controls are currently cross fire enabled. No overdrive is enable.
Everything is default including fresh installation of windows 7 64. Am I currently setup incorrectly or is this just the performance of these cards? I was lead to believe they are pretty good cads but my friend with one 660ti blows me out on skyrim :(

Any help would be appreciated. Keep it simple and Ill pick it up quickly :D
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  1. Are you running the "extreme" preset on 3DMark? That gives you a different score.

    What is your power supply? And 3DMark shows that you are using both cards, so I wouldnt see anything wrong.
  2. Yes, Im running on extreme preset with 3Dmark. ON performance I got a score of 8700 with my setup. Also my power supply is 750W. Should be enough to handle my setup by a safe margin.

    I just feel that it should be able to hold at least 30fps but I may be mistaken.
  3. Well they call it the "extreme" preset for a reason. I get close to 6k with my 6950 in the regular setting and I cant even pull 30fps either.
  4. I think X3800 is about right for your rig. Your score would be slightly higher if your CPU were better. In a game like Skyrim, which is very dependent on CPU power, your CPU is holding you back. IMO it's not a great idea to be running two cards on that CPU - it's probably bottlenecking your 7870s.

    To show you how crazy demanding the Extreme preset is, here's 7970 Crossfire overclocked to 1225/1800 and a 4.8 GHz i7-2600k:
  5. A bottlenecking your cpu is not that strong to feed those cards completely at stock overclocking might eliminate your issue.
  6. why are you crossfiring the 7870's already, why not a single card solution?
  7. I got both for the price for one. Im surprised that my cpu would be the bottle neck but I'm still unfamiliar on how to go about getting amazing performance. And thats crazy how even that 7970 set up didnt fly off the charts.

    Thanks for the input every one. Ill have to tone things down a bit to maintain performance :)
  8. Well if it does well in games then it shouldnt be a problem.
  9. Amd cpu's are designed poorly to handle two gfx gpu's. So overclocking is recommended.
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