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i have fx-4100,gtx550ti,450w psu with 8gb of ram and a ASUS m5a78l-m/usb3 motherboard and the fps drops randomly and it stutters and it is really annoying and i can only run games on medium settings i have £350 to spend on upgrading my pc but i don't know what is the best thing to upgrade
all help is apreceated
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  1. shouldnt I get a better gpu first
  2. The 550ti is still a capable gpu, and shouldnt be the cause, id say its very similar to my 6770, and it plays games on high like bf3 just fine, so if anything it'd def be the cpu
  3. Check if the CPU or GPU are hitting 100% usage when the lag appears. You can get an FX6300 & a Radon 7950 and some change for £350 or with an 8350 just over or with a 7870 LE.
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