Help my friend out and choose his CPU?

My friends picked out most of the parts for new Gaming PC thats he's going to be building the only part he cant decide on is the CPU and Motherboard.

He's deciding between the 3930k and 3770k and the Asus Rampage Formula and Asus Maximus Formula. He will be running Sli GTX Titan Hydro Copper (I know its overkill and i have tried to tell him all he needs at max would maybe sli gtx 670 but he's not having it.)
He wants to make sure there wont be any bottlenecking on the CPU side of things as well he will be water cooling the GPU and CPU, Since he is getting the 900D and he says he wants it super cool i was thinking dual 480 rads? Any advice or part recommendation for the water cooling side of things would be much appreciated as well.

Thanks in advance
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  1. If hes getting sli titans just get the 3930k lol
  2. Thats what i thought initially too however after poking around a bit it seems the 3770k is better for gaming?
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    well basically for gaming the i7 becomes an i5 as HT extra cores are not used, so really the 3930k in gaming has 6 cores before HT so its 12 HT cores so rlly i think in a game that uses more cores the 3930k would be better for non HT uses, and would be better in HT uses lol
  4. 3930k, 2011 has more PCIe lanes so there will be less bottlenecking in terms of bandwith. I'd advise him to go with the i7-3820 instead, it's a quad c ore which is all you need and you can overclock(even though there is no k)
  5. Just got off the phone with him.
    He's going with the 3930k and Asus Rampage Formula.
    Any advice for water cooling parts now?
  6. not rlly, im not to knowledgeable with that lol
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