Is this a good build for budget computer?

Hello all,

I am trying to build a budget computer for my friend.

It will be just mainly for internet surfing and watching movies.

Budget is $500 - 600 just for the computer.

Do you think this build is good enough?

Any opinions will be appreciated!
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  1. I think you can stick to onboard graphics for "watching movies and surfing". If he plays RTS though, you could just get the XFX GT N 640 Double D card. Review: Newegg:

    Then again, your on a budget, so ... yeah, you might not be able to afford that and probably don't need it.

    You don't really need 1600 MHz memory either, that only makes a diff. with video editing or photoshop or something along those lines. Just get 1333MHz.

    If your going to store the movies and other stuff, I'd suggest 500GB.

    Seems like a pretty decent build though, but you could get mATX, to save you even more money. The thing is, most decent mATX cases I've seen don't come below 80 dollars.
  2. I see okay thank you for your help!
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