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So i have a LG LCD tv hooked up to my pc with hdmi cable.. i have a pny geforce gt430 graphics card. and when i watch stuff on movies.. in night time scenes the graphic is bad. i cant see pretty much anything besides black screen. idk what wrong. if u know the answer plz help me out
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  1. maybe go to Nvidia control panel and decrease the contrast and brighten the image (and on the TV)?
  2. do you mean that dark scenes are TOO dark? there's changing the contrast on the TV or if you want to keep your tv setting, depending on your media player, change the output range on your renderer settings to 16-235.
  3. yes its too dark.
  4. iShootPanda said:
    yes its too dark.

    did you try what we said?
  5. yes i tried. i increased brightness and tried to play with contrast and stuff but the quality of the picture isnt as good. i'll give u the tv model number. Company: LG Model #: 42LB9DF
  6. do you have another HDMI cable you could try?
  7. i only have one hdmi cable.
  8. umm...turn off the lights when you are going to watch a movie
  9. whatismyproblem said:
    umm...turn off the lights when you are going to watch a movie

    lol that doesnt help one bit lol
  10. i can fix the brightness problem but quality is bad. which i have no clue how to fix
  11. can you change the settings in whatever media player you are using?
  12. in case you're using media player classic, go to View > Renderer Settings > Output Range > 16-235.

    if you're using something else, unfortunately, i'm not at all that familiar with other players, sorry.
  13. im using a video player called GOM player
  14. let me ask, do any of the movies have to word "CAM" in them?
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