Need help picking a new modem and router.

I have a nice modem and router setup, but i think they might be getting old or buggy. They were expensive when i bought them but im looking for something better, unless my current setup is perfectly fine as is.

Im currently using a cisco lynksys dual N WRT610N V1 router along with a motorola SB6120 surfboard modem. My ISP is time warner cable/road runner, and were supposed to be getting a 30-45 megabit connection. Our connection is rarely that high, i just ran a bandwidth test and i got 20.97 mbps up, 2.08 mbps upload, and 10 ms ping from a server in my city.

The problem is that my internet always seems slow, downloads of the same size when i was getting around 15 mbps down were about the same, i wish i had the 30-45 mbps im supposed to be getting.

I need at least 6-8 ethernet out plugs for my computers and video game consoles. I need it to last for at least a few years and keep up with what ever the fastest speed i can get out of my ISP. I also need it to be wireless since my parents use the same router for their laptops and phones.

I primarily play video games and need the lowest ping or fastest connection possible. I also download a lot of stuff, from music, to movies, games, and more. So i wish i could manage how much bandwidth goes to each computer on the fly. I can tolerate how i adjust the settings on my current setup but it just takes too long, and im always afraid of messing something up.

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  1. in my experience the SB6120 and SB6121 are the fastest and most reliable cable modems.

    to get additional network ports use a 8 port giga switch and connect it to the router.

    if you upgraded from a 20Mb download to a 50Mb, make sure you turn off the modem for about 5 min before restarting so it sync at the new speed.
  2. Ill check those out, and thanks for the info on the switch.

    But do you think i should upgrade my modem/router? Im not even sure if i should, im just figuring its about time i do.

    I wish i knew more about internet connections modems and the like. I was trying to find out the exact speed of my internet connection, but i cant do that right now. I just wanna make sure my internet isnt messed up or being slowed by anything.

    I know the cable plug in the wall we use is kinda messed up so ive been wanting to move the whole setup, but i was hoping i would have a router or modem with a more user friendly interface. I always wind up having to spend forever doing research so i dont mess up any setting when ever i wanna update or refresh my settings.

    I dont even know if i need new equipment, i just wanna see if i do or not.

    Are there any stickies about the fastest internet connections, or info on how to make sure everything is working perfectly in every way?

    I upgraded my internet speed a couple months ago and have turned off the router and modem for a while several times when the internet bugs out.

    I heard that some ISP wind up splitting the internet in your area between all their clients. Meaning if they say i get 50 mbps down i might only get 20 because so many ppl are sharing the internet. I was wondering if maybe i should change service providers as well.

    Its all so darn confusing and annoying. I just wish i could just call a company, get the fasted connection speed, buy a modem, and a router, and have the fastest speed for my area lol
  3. go to and run the test
  4. I ran a test before i posted this thread ill run another to see how it is at 10:54 pm PST.

    Heres what i got before, in LA using the closest server in LA that was automatically chosen by i got 20.97 mbps up, 2.08 mbps upload, and 10 ms ping.

    Just now i got 20.42 down 2.09 up and 9ms ping.

    Since i cant remember the exact speed we upgraded to i can tell you we went with time warners road runner turbo fiber optic pack, which they said was gonna give us 35 45 or 55 mbps down. Cant remember what it was, but it was no less than 35 mbps.
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