2x 6970 Crossfire, 92 degrees on load

The side fan is 200 x 30mm btw (Wasnt allowed to edit my post :( )
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  1. Hey guys

    I am aware that there are a billion posts about these cards runnning hot, but I never found any solid solution to the problem.

    So far I have had no problems running any game with good performance, but I always have a problem with heat. I have 2 monitors, so when running games on the primary monitor, I have cpu and gfx temps on my other monitor, and I hate to see my card going up to 92 degrees celcius, so usually I lower a lot of the graphic settings to lower the load on the cards, but I feel this is very wrong. I mean.. why have these beasty cards when I cant play at max settings :/ I have had these cards for a year now and Im getting tired of having to lower the settings so I am wondering if there is anything I can do about this.

    What happens is when I play the cards go up to 92 degrees, then the fan speeds up to 100% and the temps goes down to around 88 degrees, then after a minute or two the temps comes back up to 92 degrees and this repeats itself over and over. I dont like that the fan speeds up to 100% because ive heard fans breaking down when after short amounts of times, so what I usually do is lower the settings on the game so that the temps never get that high.

    Anyone have any tips on what to do? My cards are really close together, so I dont know if I can use any custom coolers, as I have read that they take up extra space. I have a fan in the door, blowing right at the cards, but I think I might be able to get a fan that is more effective than the one I have, as it came with the case, and I think its purpose is to be quiet. If you know of a good fan, let me know the name of it so I can try and find it on the net (I live in Norway, so I wont order stuff from USA).

    Anyone think that letting the fans speed up to 100% every other minute is fine? Temps going to 100 fine? (that happens with ultra high settings usually)


    CoolerMaster Haf-X
    Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD3, Socket-1155
    Intel QuadCore i5-2500K 3.3Ghz w Noctua NH-C14 Cooler with NT-H1 paste
    2x Kingston DDR3 HyperX T1 1600MHz 8GB KIT (16GB total)
    2x HIS Radeon HD 6970 2GB GDDR5
    Corsair HX 850W PSU
  2. Are you using MSI Afterburner? You can set a custom fan profile on them to help with the heat. And 92C is very hot.

    I have a reference HD6950 which has been flashed to a 6970, and I just got a new Antec Sonata Proto case, which has close to 0 airflow, so my card gets warmer than if I were in any other case. It gets up to about 75C when the fan hits about 50-60%.

    Of course, I dont have Crossfire or anything, but maybe try a custom fan profile.

    Also, I tried to find a custom cooler for my 6950 that would work guaranteed but I wasnt able to find one. I know there are coolers out there, but they are hard to find.

    They make coolers for the HD68xx series cards, but I wouldnt take a chance on those fitting.
  3. My card is running 60-75 degrees on idle, which seems very high.. I dont know why. I have a 230mm fan in the front getting air in, got a 200mm fan in the side blowing right at the cards, then a 230mm in the top getting air out, aswell as a 80mm fan in the back also blowing out. No loose cables in the case, so airflow should be really good. Cpu is idle at 25-30 degrees. Also, how would a custom fan profile work? When 100% is barely enough to get the temps down.
  4. That is pretty darn hot idle.

    And if you have MSI Afterburner, you go over to settings and then like fan profile or something, and then you can change the fan curve. Its actually really useful.

    Do you have reference cards?
  5. You can crank the fan speed up sooner.
  6. Deemo13 said:
    That is pretty darn hot idle.

    And if you have MSI Afterburner, you go over to settings and then like fan profile or something, and then you can change the fan curve. Its actually really useful.

    Do you have reference cards?

    I just dont see how another fan profile would help, I mean.. I guess I could adjust it so that the fan would run faster at xx degrees than it does on default, but one of my concerns was also the fan breaking because of overload, so wouldnt this just make it equally bad?
  7. I've never heard of fans breaking down on load to be honest. My fan seems to work fine and its been on high load quite often while gaming. And as far as I know, the fan works.

    Do you have the reference versions of the card?
  8. I dont know what you mean by reference version?

    Anyway, I downloaded MSI Afterburner and set up a custom fan profile myself so that the fan would run a little bit faster than default, I just dont feel too good about leaving it running at high speeds for entire gaming sessions of up to half a day. I have heard about fans's breaking down, but I dont know how normal it is. It never happened to me anyway, and ive been gaming for around 15 years or so.

    I think changing the fan in the side panel would help a lot, but I have no idea what im looking at when it comes to fans. Most fans seem to be designed to be "silent", but I want somethat that is effective. I'm constantly wearing a studio headset while at my computer, so fan sounds never bothered me.
  9. Which of these does your card look most like?

    ^That's reference
  10. Aha ok, the one on the bottom is mine! Both look that way.
  11. Ah, the reference coolers are loud and not that good at cooling. You're going to have to crank up the fan to get any results. Just have like an aggressive fan profile. Like when my GPU hits 70C, the fan is already at 40-50%
  12. Dont remember what it looked like by default, but now I have it set to 40% at 30 degrees (I didnt change this), then on 60 degrees it goes up to 60%, and then at 70 degrees it goes up to 80% and then 100% on 85 degrees. What concerns me though, is that if im going to be playing for a few hours which I usually do multiple times every day, the fan is going to be running at 100% the entire time. I just hope it can handle it. If the fan breaks, the GPU can go to hell I assume.
  13. Wait, how are your cards so close together? There should be at least 1 slot between them, which should be enough.

    And try the agressive fan profile. If it still reaches 90C, then there is a problem. I'm just suprised that you can deal with the sound of the graphics cards.
  14. Yeah, there is 1 slot between the cards, what am I going to with that?

    Also, I havent really played anything after adjusting the fan profile yet so I dont know how it is right now, but what do you mean with trying the agressive fan profile? Are there presets somewhere or what?
  15. No its just that the curve is a bit more aggressive than it would be is you were to set it to auto.

    And get back to us when you get back in game with the temps! :)
  16. Just played some Sleeping Dogs again (my previous session with this game would make my card go up to 92 degrees celcius before getting turned down by the increase in fan speed), but now it didnt go above 66 degrees, so this definetly helped a lot. I cant hear the fan at all with my headset on, but when I take it off, jeez, it makes a lot of noise. However, I always, and I mean 100% of the time I spend on my computer, I will have my headset on, and I think if a car crashed into my house and parked behind me in my room I wouldnt hear it, so its all good. Now I just have to hope that the fan holds up with all this gaming. But at 66 degrees it should only be at around 70% speed, so you should think it would be able to live through it.

    I still would love to know what kind of fan to get for the side panel though, because I think that would help a lot too, as this fan that came with the case is one of those "silent" fans I think, which probably suicks when it comes to cooling things effectively.
  17. Well when it comes to really big fans it doesnt need to spin very fast. It moves alot of air while moving slow because it is huge.

    If it is loud, you can adjust the fan to be quieter. I would say 75C on either card is about as high as you can go. And its good you can't hear it with your headset.

    My video card is the exact same way. At 70C, mine is at about 55% and its not too bad.
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