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I am currently running a Phenom II X4 940, and a GTX 260 i am going to be upgrading the CPU and graphics and cant decide whether to go with an intel or the AMD FX series. I do light gaming at the moment but hope do be playing the new Bioshock and Crysis 3, but my main use is for 3D CAD software such as Catia and NX. My budget for the upgrades is from 700-800 i would go up to 900 if there was a significant gain in performance. Normally i would just go with an AMD machine but after reading through the forums im starting to have troubles deciding
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  1. If you want an honest opinion just use Tom's CPU Hierarchy Chart as a reference. You'll see that the fastest/latest AMD CPU's compare to Intel i7 chips dating as far back as 2009, or current i3's(rather low end Intel offerings).,3106-5.html
  2. yeah i saw the chart and that is what started my contemplating about what to go with. Is it worth getting anything higher than a 3770k? i was looking at the 3820 which is the same price at micro center.
  3. No. If you are close to a micro center, get a 3570k. Anything above that and you won't see much of a performance gain in gaming. Of course there is the 3930k but thats way expensive. For the graphics cars get a 670 gtx.


    Sorry, I didn't see that you were using this computer for CAD stuff. In that case a 3770k + a 670 gtx would be good.
  4. Azn Cracker said:
    Sorry, I didn't see that you were using this computer for CAD stuff. In that case a 3770k + a 670 gtx would be good.

    A vaid concern.
    Although an i5 would prob fine, an i7 will give you 2mb more CPU cache and hyperthreading, essentially 4 more cores for a total of 8(as would be shown in your task manager). Although 4 are virtual, ...hyperthreading can be very powerful.

    An nVidia GPU (graphics card) may also be a concern. Too make a long story short, nVidia was in a jam with their lastest GPU's vs. AMD (Radeon). nVidia ended up gutted the compute ability out of their GPU's. For gaming that doesn't matter, but for other appications it can be important.
    Anyway, here's how they match up for gaming:,3107-7.html

    There is you OS choice, you didn't mention 7 or 8, so perhaps you've decided. And I don't want to bash 8, but if think your going to go with the latest. Make sure you try it first, even if just on a laptop at microcenter and your software works with it. There are many compatibility issues and a huge backlash against the "Metro" U.I. But some people do like it.
  5. I will be using Windows 7, I have used Windows 8 and I'm not that fond of it. As far as graphics cards go I'm probably going to be using a amd hd 7900 series.
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    Get the 8350. We all know that the majority of games are developed on console first, then ported to pc. Both the ps4, and the xbox 720 are going to have 8 core x86 amd cpus in them. couple this with the fact that frostbite 2, cry engine 3, and unreal engine 4 support 8+ cores, and the value at $200 should be a no brainer. the i7 3770k is certainly not worth the extra $150. Arm yourself with an am3+ socket and get piledriver, then upgrade to steamroller if you feel the need for better single core performance in the future (which shouldn't be the case, games will/are rapidly moving to multithreading and with the next consoles running similar architecture, it should be a no brainer)

    Although it isn't as good as the i7 3770k in cad, and the i5 3570k on average, it certainly isn't a slouch though. And that coupled with where gaming is headed, imo, it still would be a better value. The AM3+ socket will still give you the option to go ahead and upgrade to steam roller when it comes down the pipe which would give you the edge in CAD as well.
  7. If you live near a micro center you can get a 3770k for only $230, so that might be a better deal for you. I'd still personally go with a 8350/20 since I love to play bf3 and crysis 3, and a bunch of multi threaded video encoding and rendering etc.
    But the $230 3770k is a pretty great deal, definitely not $150 more than the 8320 :P
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  9. Ouch, the 8 cores in those FX8000's are really simulated threads(research: AMD CMT). AMD used a 4 module shared resource system. Kind of like hyperthreading but it doesn't work very well and is inefficient/power hungry. However, ADM needs the sales and the FX8350 is stronger than a X4 940. Be sure to install all the hotfixxes.,3119.html
  10. yeah i know they are a little more power hungry than the 3770k, its ultimately going to depend on what my budget ends up at if i have a little more money i will be going intel but if not for the price the AMD's aren't to bad
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