I recently got my moms computer after she passed. It is a compaq presario sr5550f completely stock besides a Sapphire Radeon HD 6450. Amd Athlon x2 5400 Dual Core, 3072MB memory, 500GB Hdd. It scored a 4.7 Windwos Experience Index score, 4.7 being the lowest in Graphics I believe, 5.2 3d Gaming graphics was the next lowes score. I see a power supply, new processor, graphics card, maybe RAM, and I will have a decent setup. Thanks for any input, jeremiahberry180@yahoo.com
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  1. Remove your email address from the [post or you will get endless spam. For the new CPU you need a new board and RAM so really you need everything except drives and case and if the drives are not SATA then you need them to, so you may as well get the case to and sell or give away the PC you have.
  2. lol, okay I was starting to come to that conclusion myself. I reckon my brothers kids could use a running computer so this one will probably go to them... I have less than $500 to throw into this, basically I want to get a machine to run Call of Duty Black Ops so I can play custom zombies maps.
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