What is a good build for a music production computer?

Hey guys,I want to build a computer for music production and scoring music ect. I need advise on what parts would be best for this.
Please leave a reply I would really appreciate it.
P.S I was also looking for a motherboard that could hold 6 sticks of RAM because I know you need a lot of RAM for music production.
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  3. what is your budget ? please mention before anyone can help you ...
  4. by the way as per your requirement ... ASRock X79 Extreme9 is the motherboard you should be looking for but I would personally not recommend a mobo with lga 2011 sockets ... but only in the case when money is paid no mind .. hope that helps ... :)
  5. Thanks a bunch for your replies so far.
    As for by budget I'd say around 650$ -750$ possibly a little more.
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    Well I'm assuming you don't need monitor and stuffs ...
    also I'm not including any GPU as per your requirement (GPU doesn't worth it in music production PCs )

    Intel i7 3820 --- 300$
    ASrock extreme 4 x79 ---229 $
    Corsair 650w (more then enough for your requirement,for future proof) ----- 89$
    Corsair 4 GB ram 1333 MHZ ----17 $ per stick
    1 TB HDD ----- 89$
    cooler master elite case --44 $
  7. Thanks for your time and help I like these suggestions.
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  9. cheers mate .. :)
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