I7 3930k and gtx 680 4gb classisfied for FSX and Gta5

I'm just about to start buying parts for my new gaming PC that is much needed. My game of choice is FSX as I love flying but I'm gonna be getting games like GTA5 and ArmA 3 when they come out. Im just stuck between my processor really as I know FSX is CPU intensive but games like ArmA are more GPU intensive. Does anybody who has FSX know if an OCed i7 2600k would be able to handle FSX with ad dons such as PMDG 737 NGX and Orbx scenery with high settings? Or do I need to go with the 3930k for a great gaming experience? I will be putting FSX and my OS on an OCZ vertex 4 256 GB SSD and I'll have 16gb of good ram (timings are 9-9-9-24 at 1600mhz) should I get faster RAM? I'm just really stumped as I'm on sort of a budget but a $2500 PC would be okay. Please someone help.
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  1. Get i7 3930k for great gaming and i5 3570 (k) for good.
    Your computer will play any game just fine.
    1600MHz ram is OK.
  2. 2600K should handle it fine.
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