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Hello, I have been having display driver crashes and hard freezes on my computer for a slight while now. At first I was clueless, but further investigation has led me to believe it is overheating of my 2 Crossfire cards (Twin Frozr 6970 - MSI's). It appears anytime GPU 1 hits around 85C, it ALWAYS crashes my computer or display driver, regardless of what game I am playing. I have a HAF full tower with 3 230mm fans, and the correct air flow as well.

Is this a sign of a dying card? Thanks
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  1. What fails to make sense to me however, is in the past, I have reached temps of just over 90, without any crashes, and all of a sudden I get crashes at 90 and sometimes even lower.
  2. 85ºc is normal for a video card

    MSI is a rubbish brand

    run furmark and test the card, if it crashes sent it back for warranty

    unless your PSU is insufficient...

    pro tip - USE A REFERENCE COOLER BASED CARD next time - there far more reliable (they hold the card together solid, vrm/ram gets cooled properly too)
  3. I have ran furmark, and to no avail experienced any crashes. Reference cooler based as in Sapphire, or HIS?

    My PSU is an 850W corsair, any signs to look for or test the PSU to see if it is fully functional?

    The standard 6970 are 880 MHz i believe, the MSI Twin Frozr, came at 940MHz.
  4. What is your power supply? 85C isnt that hot for that card.

    EDIT: Also are they overclocked?
  5. I would match them in clock speed and see what happens.
  6. Ok, thanks, I'll try that.

    Any guess as to why 85C is crashing me now and not before?

    EDIT: When my computer locks up, there is about a 30% chance, that I can Alt-Ctrl-Del, is promptly followed by a driver crash. As far as my knowledge recalls, heat should not affect Drivers, please correct me if I am wrong.
  7. The heat is not an issue, but sometimes the computer will have a fit when the clocks on the cards are not similar.
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