Looking for new video card :o please help~

Hi all,

I've been thinking of upgrading my video card lately, but not quite sure which one to get. Hoping you guys can help :)
Before I begin, I should state that I am pretty clueless when it comes to computers and their components. So if you guys could elaborate on advanced terms (e.g. the mhz numbers) when you're suggesting a card, that would be greatly appreciated :o

Anyway, my computer's specs:

i7-960 @ 3.2 ghz
Corsair XMS3 6 GB
GA x58A-UD3R
EVGA GTX 460 @ 768mb

I should also state that I don't have a gaming case (I have an Antec sonata proto black atx mid tower quiet case) -- I made that mistake when purchasing parts :(, shoulda bought a gaming one (and now I'm being told some cards will not fit in my case *QQ*) PSU is OCZ Fatality 750w, also I don't plan on OCing because...I don't know how to lol.

Games I play are crysis II, SC II, CS:GO, and GW2 (no BF3)

My resolution is at 1600 x 1050

I was suggested the evga gtx 670 FTW edition but I have read some issues about it's "noise levels" and temperature. So I am not sure if I should get it any more...however, I also stumbled across an article on MSI power edition of gtx 670 and read it is quite decent. But again, the article included a lot of advanced information so I want to get you guys' opinions :) Here is the link -
Another card I have considered is the gtx 660 ti.

I prefer non AMD cards just because i don't really know anything about them :3

My price range is about $300 - $400 (obviously the cheaper the better :D)

Additional note - I prefer to buy from amazon (just thought I should include this cuz the 'read before posting' thread said to :o), and if I have to --

And lastly, thank you very much for reading my post and for any help you can provide -- and I apologize if it seems a bit lengthy~
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    Well seems like googling your case it can support cards up to 10.5" The evga 670 ftw is about 10" so that will fit. Other models may be larger though. The 660ti would fit but for the price I would go with the 670. The msi poe 670 is a little bigger, it may not fit plus its about $430.

    Your psu should be good to go.
  2. When I checked prices on the 670 ftw, it's only a few dollars cheaper than the msi power edition. If it fits in my case, would msi be a better option?
  3. Here is the MSI PE

    Its listed at 10.51. I bet you can deal with that .1 inch by just putting your cables either over the card then tie them somewhere or push them back into the drive cages. But that price is 30 more than the FTW edition.
  4. I have your same case, and it fits my reference 6950, which is 10.6"

    That card should fit in the case with a bit of work. I had to tilt my card to get it in but it fits with about 1cm of clearance. Make sure to get a card that has the power cables going into the side.
  5. Most of the newer cards have the power connecters on the top. So you don't need any spae behind the card to connect the power cables, just pull them out and they go over top.
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