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I briefly read something on this forum once, I think from amuffin or someone. About overclocking igpu on the 2500k, has anyone else tried this or have experience with it. The reason Im asking is that I was thinking of getting a z68 board, but then I realized this is mostly useless if I plan to use discrete graphics. However, I remember vaguely that using the board, your system can switch between the two as needed. I guess my question is, is there any real practical advantage to overclocking your igpu, if you have discrete graphics? And if there is, does overclocking your igpu limit your cpus overclocking ablility?
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    no real world advantage other than extra heat unless you dont have a discrete card. Overclocking igpu was just a joke to see how far it would go, and surprisingly can work but still probably will force you to get a decent HSF
  2. Absolutely NO, no need to overclocking iGPU or if you did how much performance increase let say 5% NOT good, discrete card is much better option.
    Overclocking igpu is totally waste and would become a risky situation.
  3. with new mb most new z68 and z77 dont let you over clock the igpu but they do have mvp chipset that lets you bond both the ipgpu and the gpu if yuo have a lower end gpu like the 550ti to give the gpu more horsepower in games and aps.
  4. There really isnt a plus side to overclocking the IGP.
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  6. Nowaday amuffin's avoiding peoples from overclocking the graphics card lol..
    He often states, "overclocking the GPU is not an good idea".
  7. I would say overclocking it using voltage is less of a good idea unless your ready for its consequences. Stock voltage overclocking IMO is 100% fine.
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