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I have just gotten a mew msi gt60 the first game i got was deus ex human revolution. when i play the game i get a fps of 12 when all the settings are on low and 8 fps when the settings are all high. i looked online and the 675m should play deus ex in ultra with easy. is there anything im doing wrong or what do i do to fix this problem. thanks for the help.
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  1. is there a way to set the 675m to be turned on all the time? i heard with laptops with dedicated graphics, that it turns off for the load the laptop is under a certain point. I think theres a setting to turn the dedicated gpu on when playing certain games but dont remember
  2. try going to nvidia settings. and find your game and have it set to dedicated graphics. It looks like the game is trying to play it on integrated graphics.
  3. nope it still gets the same fps
  4. hmm thats odd..a gtx 675m is a high-end mobile gpu and should have no problems playing any game.

    do you have the latest nvidia drivers installed?
  5. yes its up to date. when i play the game with the battery charging it gets 60fps. so does that mean i have to have my laptop charging every time i play a gsme
  6. oh i think your computer is lowering the power state when unplugged. this reduces the performance of the gpu. it is seen in other high end laptops such as alienware m17x because it consumes so much energy
  7. Is their any way to fix this. I changed the battery to high performance but noting changed in the gameplay
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    im not sure if you can. it does it because the battery doesnt have enough power to run the GPU at full speed for long and a quick drain could damage the battery.

    even if you were able to, you might be lucky to get 30 mins of game play lol
  9. Alright well thanks for the help you've been very helpful
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