Bottom Mounted PSU, fan facing Up or Down?

Hi everyone,

- PSU: Corsair GS700. (Fan Intakes Airs)
- Case: NZXT Technology Source 210 (With holes on bottom)
- Air filter installed

- Question: With ample spacing beneath the case, should this PSU be mounted with the fan facing UP, or Down, or it doesn't matter?

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  1. I have a similiar design and I have mine point down for the same reason. Its about drawing in cooler air into the psu.
  2. it doesnt matter position. most will have it down as cooler air comes from the bottom of the case and you dont want the psu fan to mess with the circulation of the inner side of the case, and just allow it to work on its own(intake air from bottom, passivle release heat from bottom/back)
  3. In your instance, point the fan down.
  4. if it faces down, pull the dust filters out so they don't block air flow. if you don't the power supply will run abnormally hot.
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