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We have two computers, one purely residential which is upstairs, and one that is now primarily business, my laptop, downstairs. There is residential cable based internet currently and the managment software is on the downstairs computer as I am the only one who has any clue how to deal with any of it. I am in the process of getting business class service brought in for use on my laptop downstairs. I will need to have router management software for the router I will be hardwired to on my system also on my laptop. Will this create a conflict? I will be using only one connection on a given computer at a time. I am hoping to be able to leave the business connection strictly for business and use the residential connection for non business use. I need to be able to use the business connection while the upstairs computer is also in use. Primary question is, can I manage both routers from the same computer? Does anyone have a different suggestion than the two separate routers?
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  1. I'm not an expert but I have played around a little in windows networking with multiple connections on a single machine.

    If the computer(s) that you would want to manage both routers with have two ethernet ports (one connected to each router) the two internet connections should stay separate unless you ridge them. You would need to play with your internet connection settings on the computer(s) so they only use the connection you want them too but that shouldn't be too difficult.

    I know for a fact that you can tell a computer that has multiple connections to the internet to only use a specific connection for internet use without losing connectivity to the other networks and the computers/routers on them because I do that on my own home network. I don't suggest you have multiple wireless networks in one place because it might slow both networks down. I never tried multiple wireless networks at once so I don't know how it would work out but I bet they would interfere with each other.

    So long as the two networks aren't bridged you should be able to use both at once with multiple machines on each one without a slow down, depending on your connections bandwidth.

    Good luck.
  2. Why even bother with two connections? Is there a reason you are getting the business one? Need more support or running a server? You should have no issues at all with sharing one connection with a router between as many computers as you need.

    Are you running very large uploads and downloads on the business PC?

    There are really only 2 reasons to pick a business plan for internet, faster support (with theoretically more stability) and options to run a server, get a static IP for your computer. And if you are doing that, there is really no reason not to use this for both computers unless you have stick in your cable company and want to make them a little extra money.
  3. I also suggest you post this in the networking forum instead of here (if you haven't already done so) because chances are greater that a networking expert will see your post and help on the networking forum than the applications forum.
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