How long will my graphics card last?

Hey, I recently bought a HD Radeon 6870 for quite a cheap price and I was wondering with all the new games coming out and all, how long will my card last in terms of fps?

Im hoping for atleast 2 years if not more but if anyone knows please reply.
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  1. 3 to 4 years is my guess, but of course not at highest settings :)
  2. Probably MAX 5 years. But higher end games will come out that the 6870 will not be able to run. Should last a good 4 more years.
  3. it really depends on how stingy you are with graphic settings. the level of graphic playing field will increase when the WiiU/2 next gen sony and xbox models get released as console and games related to console ports become more high def then they are currently
  4. 5 or more electronic device may lucky or may not be lucky my old core 2 duo E7500 overclocked is still running like a new one since it is 6 years old.
    5 years at maxxx
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