CPU- i5-2500k vs 3570 vs 3570k

I'm in the middle of deciding parts for a pc build, with a budget of around $1000 (Probably not much more than $1200, I'm trying to gather a little extra cash), and some of the games I'm planning to play can be pretty CPU-intensive (PlanetSide 2, mainly). What would be the best value out of all of these different i5s, the best power/price? The 2500k seems pretty expensive for $213 (Amazon), but I couldn't find one without integrated HD Graphics. Thanks!

Here are the other core components I've decided on so far (suggestions are welcome!)

Gigabyte Z77X-D3H Motherboard

8GB of some sort of Corsair DDR3 RAM

MSI GTX 670 Power Edition
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  1. Are you going to overclock? If yes it rules out the 3570 none K. I would go with the 3570K unless there would be substantial savings going with the 2500K.
    If no then the 3570 would be a good choice and no reason to pay extra for a K version. In that case a H77 board would be sufficient and save some money.
  2. If for some reason I went with the 2500K would I still need the Z77 board or would an H77 work with the 2500K as well?
  3. Can't overclock with a H77 board, but the 2500K would work at stock speed.
  4. I would grab the 3570k since you get pcie 3.0 (not that needed but a free bonus) on the z77 and while it might not clock as high, it's IPC can make up for it
  5. Z68, P67, Z75 and Z77 are the boards that allow overclock.
  6. if you play many games you need a 3570k its a beast at gaming and open for overcloking!
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