Keyboards: Standard vs Ergonomic vs Gaming / Wired vs Wireless

I'm looking to get a new keyboard and mouse for my new PC.

At the moment , I have no real problem with a standard , striagt and wired keyboaprd, so I don't know if a wireless and or ergonomic one would be a waste?

Looking at :

Logitech MK520
" G110

Microsoft Comfort 5000
Microsoft Sidewinder

I have seen the wired comfort 2000 witrh the raised centre letter keys , but at first it didn't look that good - nopt sure if I could learn to like it ...

So , there's the wired vs wireless debate , and also the question of whether a gaming keyboard would benefit me ? Hoe wouyld it fair against the COmfort 5000/Standard keybaord in gaming , and in everyday tasks?

Gaming wise, I play a bit of TF2 , Portal, GTA , Trine , Haklf Life etc..
Everyday tasks would be scholo work so typing into word docs etc.

Budget of max £50 if it's justifiable .

I would also liek a new mouse... So there's tne onw that comes with the Logitech MK520 and MS 5000 , or I could buy one even if I get one of them two.
I have seen the Gigabyte M6900, Logitech G500 and just standard - non gaming mice.

Any ideas?
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  1. In the end, its all about preferences. Go to a few local store and try out a few mouses/keyboards and see which ones you like. pictures online dont give you a good idea on the relative size of device to your hands. especially with mice
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