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Well I was planning on building a computer based on AMD stuff and I was looking up for parts and came up with these:
-AMD FX 8350
-Asus Sabertooth 9900FX Motherboard
-G skill Ripjaws X 8GB Ram
-Kingston Hyper X 120 SSDD
-AMD Radeon HD 7970 3GB GDDR5
-NZXT Tempest or Phantom
- A Coolmaster GX 750 W
-NZXT Respire Fan

I have live in Mexico and can get all of these parts, tell me, will this computer run new games like Crysis 3 or Metro Last Light with a very good performance? And, will this machine last for at least 3 years? Of course, not overclocking it to the ******* max.

Pleaaaaase respond :D
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  1. Yes it is a high end build. Intel system would be better but AMD is fine, only thing I see is the CM PSU which is not the best choice and you would be better of with Corsair, Seasonic, Antec or XFX to name few.
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